Donald Trump Says He Will Force Apple To Make Its Damn Computers In The US

Donal Trump says he will force Apple to make its damn computer in the United States. First of all, why bring it back to the US if it will cost the iPhone, iPad and Macbooks will be more expensive? He seems do not want to understand the fundamental idea why Apple outsource it to China at the first place. China through Foxconn able to assemble Apple’s product with more cost efficient due to cheap labor and foreign exchange rate. The workers are flexible enough to work with biscuits and drink for long hours.

Steve Jobs On Stage

The late Steve Jobs said it would take them nine months¬†for Apple to gather the same number of engineers that Foxconn can gather in just fifteen days. If Apple soon to bring back the manufacturing process into the United States, the price of each Apple product would be¬†higher and more people in Asia can’t afford to buy it. Instead of focusing on hardware, Apple also relies on software that power their products. With fewer people use their products, it will unable not attract enough developers to develop killer apps.


If Trump genuinely honest with his words, I think he should fight for the housing price in Silicon Valley, which is one of the problems for new apps developers who just started their business. By the way, Apple has bring back their Mac Pro to the United States.

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