Compilation of the Apple AirPods Unboxing Videos

Apple starts delivering their latest Apple AirdPods to the consumers and there are a lot of people shares their unboxing experience on YouTube. The Apple AirPods is a wireless headphone to replace Apple EarPods. It is not a shower head although Apple has their own Apple HomeKit for home automation.


As expected from Apple, this latest product from them is compact and easy to use. It has similarities compared to the wired EarPods. Internally, there are a lot of components to make sure it run correctly (it has its chip inside that the AirPods). That is one of the main reason the Apple AirPods will cost you around $159.

Other than using the Apple AirPods to hear music, you can also instruct Siri by touching the AirPods.

Review #1


Review #2


Review #3


Review #4

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