A Comparison Between The MacBook Pro 13-Inch and MacBook Retina 12-Inch

What is the different between a new MacBook Pro 13-inch and MacBook 12-inch other than an extra USB-C port? The 12-inch MacBook is the first MacBook featuring USB-C ports, and it does not have the MagSafe and USB ports. It is followed by the new 13-inch MacBook Pro which was launched by Apple on 27th October 2016.


Put aside the lack of ports, MagSafe, and many other common things on a MacBook Pro; it does look good after sometimes. Apple says the new MacBook has been upgraded to optimize its overall performance. But for those who unable to make a decision between a 12-inch MacBook or 13-inch MacBook Pro, the following video might help you to decide. One more thing, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro is said able to boot up almost instantly like the iOS device. It loses the chime sound but I guess will start to adapt to the new changes.

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