BoomStick Turn Less Expensive Headphone With Better Sounds

BoomStick able to turn your less expensive wired headphone with better sounds. Created by BoomCloud 360, the BoomStick contain the algorithms to produce a better sound for any type of audio. The algorithms wrote by the company’s CTO Alan Kraemer. Kraemer spent years working for a well-known company called SRS Labs. The company licensed its technology to other companies like Samsung Toshiba, LG and many more. Now Kraemer has able to create a much better algorithms for the BoomStick.


George Appling who is the BoomCloud 360 co-founder thinks audio consumption has gone backwards when it comes to quality though he admits it was for good reason. The BoomStick is a small and light device. It has a battery which need to be recharged via microUSB and lasts for 14 hours. The BoomStick is available for pre-order at $99. It will be a good companion with your Apple Music subscription.

BoomStick WOW Testimonials by BoomCloud360 from agency on Vimeo.

(via TheVerge)



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