Behind The World Most Popular Teardown Team The iFixit

Previously, I thought every electronic devices have messy wires inside it. But things started to change when I watch iFixit video for the first time. They teardown a MacBook Air and it is so impressive how Apple design their motherboard and other components.

iFixit Behind The Scene 00004

The latest videos I saw is the iPhone X and iPhone 8. Although Apple had introduced both product on the same day, the internal design for both devices are totally different. I am so love to the sandwhich logic board inside the iPhone X.

To be able to see inside a product makes me respect those hours being put to design and makes those products. But it is heartbreaking and a sad moment to watch a device being teardown a part (I just imagine an iPhone X is so proud to be picked among others but sadly somebody open its body and kill it before it even serve its user)

iFixit Behind The Scene 00003

Motherboard is being honoured by iFixit to join them behind the scene to see how they make a teardown video for the iPhone X.

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