Be Careful! Retro Logo iPhone Prank Will Locked Your iOS Device Forever

Yesterday, we reported a new glitch found in iOS devices which will make you unable to load the home screen and lock the device on the boot screen. Somebody use this glitch to prank people and it first seen on 4chan. The prankster claims it is a new Easter Egg found on the iOS device and if you set your device date on the 1st January 1970 then reboot your device, a retro Apple logo will appear on the boot screen. It is a lie. Your iOS device will be stuck with no retro Apple logo, and you will not ever get to the home screen. The only way to fix this problem is to bring your iOS device to authorize Apple Store or reseller for a fix. The device needs to be detached from the battery to reset the time.


This is will happen if you fall into the trap.

(via DNAIndia)

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