Bad News for Third Party Developers. Apple Is Preparing A Unified App For HomeKit

Apple introduced HomeKit, which is a platform for home automation for app developers and manufacturers. Since then many manufacturers already joins the program to get certification for their product, and they usually have a dedicated app for the customers to control their product. There are also other apps which allow customers to control their smart devices in a single app.

As I work in marketing for Apple, we test many Smart Home devices, especially for iOS HomeKit integration. […]

Some advice, there are many third party applications, most free, that offer more control and customization(s) with many Smart Home devices. “Yonomi” is a free app that I often use, “Home” is another which cost $14.99. Both offer support for many devices with more added daily (including Amazon “Echo”). The next version of iOS due this fall will have a standalone “HomeKit” app as well

One of Apple employee said Apple is currently testing many available smart devices on the market, and a new dedicated app called ‘HomeKit’ is currently under development. It is expected the new app will come with the iOS10. If the claim is true, it is good news for the consumers and bad news for other app developers. If Apple decided to have their standalone app to optimize the Apple HomeKit platform, current apps in the Apple AppStore will usually pull out by force.


(via MacRumors)

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