Backlit Keyboard Cases for iPad Pro and iPad Mini by Brydge

Brydge has announced a new set of a new keyboard with backlit for iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4. The new BrydgePro and BrydgeMini were on display at the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Both keyboards were built using 100 percent aluminum body, haptic feedback system, and backlit keyboard.

Brydge Backlit Keyboard

For the BrydgePro it is connected through Bluetooth 4.0 while the BrydgeMini is connected through Bluetooth 3.0. The backlit brightness can be controlled for BrydgePro. It cost $189 for the BrydgePro and $99.99 for the BrydgeMini. They hope with such keyboard available for both iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4, it will maximize the functionality while providing productivity of the Macbook.



(via RedmondPie)

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