Is AT&T CEO Try To Kiss Ass Over Encryption Debate?

AT&T CEO wants technology companies in Silicon Valley like Apple to stay out and let the government and politicians decided on the encryption policies. At first place, if people already know the government has the access to their iPhone, they will start ditching it and it will, of course, will affect iPhone sales in the future. It will also impact on Apple’s roadmap for the enterprise segment. Companies especially outside from the United States will be afraid to implement Apple products because the platform will also allow for espionage activities.


The encryption regulation is a hot debate in the United States. The government want companies like Apple to provide a backdoor for the authorities to have access on user’s data for investigation and monitoring purposes.


Tim Cook slams this intention by saying privacy is basic human right. He is right. People hate when the government is seeking their personal life and stop saying it is what the people want. If there is a backdoor for the law enforcement, the data might be seen by many contractors and we do not know if the data falls into the wrong hands. It is not because we did something wrong or we have the intention to do wrong things. We just hate people bugging and peeking to our stuff.

I don’t think it is Silicon Valley’s decision to make about whether encryption is the right thing to do. I understand Tim Cook’s decision, but I don’t think it’s his decision to make“ … I personally think that this is an issue that should be decided by the American people and Congress, not by companies – Randall Stephenson, AT&T

Politicians usually think for themselves, not for the benefit of the majority of people. If you use service from companies like AT&T, then you should be careful because your data might be handover to the third party without you even know it. If they start providing a backdoor access, hackers will begin scanning for that and sure someday they will find a way to get into the system. Is it a good thing for users? Of course, it is not. That is why we have encryption at the first place.


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