Apple’s Lawyer Warned FBI Things Could Get Worse

Apple lawyer warns the FBI on things could become worse if the agency still forces Apple to unlock the iPhone used by a gunman in San Bernardino attack. Ted Olson, a legendary lawyer, who is hired by Apple said the request will have wide-ranging implications and could possible create a police state.

You can imagine every different law enforcement official telling Apple we want a new product to get into something. Even a state judge could order Apple to build something. There’s no stopping point. That would lead to a police state.

He also explained the United States Constitution limits the ability of the government to invade citizens’ privacy, and Apple is currently the one who try to protect it. Yes, the FBI want to do further investigation into the attack but at the same time, people are afraid if Apple unlocks the iPhone for the FBI, there will be many other agencies who will come forward to ask for the same favor.

You as a private citizen are allowed to write on a piece of paper and then burn up that piece of paper where your notes are. There are some limits to what the government can do. It is not Orwellian here, where Big Brother can see anything it wants.

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