Apple’s Board Rejects Diversity Proposal And Says It Is Not Necessary

Apple’s board rejects diversity proposal made by Antonio Avian Maldonado and says it is not necessary to the company. Apple also says it is unduly burdensome. The proposal was made after Antonio’s kid realize there are many white men on Apple’s senior management and says it is too ‘vanilla’. If the proposal was accepted, he plans to push Apple to accelerate recruitment policy and change the organizational faces on the senior management and its board of directors.

Apple Diversity Emoticon

But the proposal seems to against Apple policy which will not tolerate any attempts from outsiders including Apple shareholders to scrutinize their way of doing things. Apple is the master of simplicity. They will try to avoid any unnecessary process including the process of hiring talents from the industries. Any external hand is not welcome. Apple will not tolerate any process which will slow down their operation and business strategy. Apple on the hand is working hard to find the right talents from a different background to be part of the company but it also depends on whether they are going to accept Apple’s offer or not.

(via The Independent UK)

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