Apple’s Alloy Expert Jump Ship To Lead Tesla and Space X

Apple’s alloy expert, Charles Kuehmann, who is a specialist in alloy material, jump ship to lead Tesla and Space X. He will become Vice President of Materials Engineering and will responsible for both companies. Kuehmann earned a Ph.D. from Northwestern University in Material Science and Engineering back in 1994. He co-founded QuesTek Innovations two years later. QuesTek’s technology sold to an undisclosed buyer in 2012 which is believed to be Apple. In 2012, Kuehmann joined Apple as their Director of Product Design with many of their talented people are joining Apple too. Kuehmann has an expertise in aluminum alloys which heavily used by Apple for their Mac products, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Apple claims the aluminum they developed is lighter and has 60 percent stronger than standard alloys.


(via 9to5Mac)

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