Apple’s 1970 Glitch May Cause By Unix Time System

Apple’s 1970 glitch may cause by Unix time system. Although Apple did not mention its cause in their latest public document, Apple said they will release a patch in the next software update. For the time being, Apple advises their customers not to set their clock later than May 1970.

iPhone Boot Screen Black and White

The 1970 bug is also known as Unix Epoch where system time will set to zero, and it will cause the system to run in infinite loops. In the case of iOS user, the device will not load the home screen and stuck on boot screen. There are two ways to fix this problem; detach the battery or let the battery dry out up to zero percent. The easiest way is to disconnect the battery from the iOS device because iOS device will spare 3 percent from its total capacity.

(via Gizmodo, AppleInsider)

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