Apple Will Remove The Headphone Jack On The Next Generation MacBook Pro?

Currently, the 12-inch MacBook still offers a headphone jack for its users. Apparently, with the removing of the headphone jack on the iPhone, it is possible Apple will start to remove the headphone jack from the 12-inch MacBook, MacBook Air, and the MacBook Pro.


Previously, the next generation MacBook Pro chassis leaked on the Internet, and it shows a USB-C port with a headphone jack. Recently, some of the MacBook Pro users received a survey and the questions indirectly asked whether Apple should remove the headphone jack, USB ports, and the SD card slot.

For me, initially, it will cause trouble for the “Pro” users if Apple removes the headphone jack, USB ports, and the SD card slot. But we can get used to it unless we can find another platform which not forces us to buy new products just to use the MacBook Pro as our day to day tools to complete our tasks.

(via 9to5Mac)

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