Apple Will Feature A Short Podcast Called Spoken Edition

It would be good if we could just listen to a story instead of reading news line by line. Wait no more. Apple is planning to offer a better service with a short podcast called Spoken Editions. This new feature will automatically translate all written words by popular publishers into streaming audio.

TechCrunch suggests Apple is using service from SpokenLayer which already has a connection with Forbes, Huffington Post, TIME, and Reuters.

Wired, for example, will launch Spoken Editions for “Business,” “Science,” and its homepage. TIME has will offer a Spoken Edition called “The Brief.” Forbes, .Mic, Bustle, Playboy, OZY, and – yep – TechCrunch (which I discovered while browsing our iTunes page, of all things), will have Spoken Editions, it seems, as all popped up for a time on iTunes.

The links to all the publishers’ Spoken Editions have since been pulled, after our discovery and outreach.

For the time being, Spoken Edition will be offered in a dedicated area on iTunes page. But it will be good of they could translate all news on their Apple News platform. A while ago Apple met famous podcasters to discuss the future of their current service, and it looks like they are heading in a right way.

Apple new operating system called macOS Sierra has a feature which could summarize a text. It would be a significant step if Apple could gather all news, summarize it, convert it into audio and let users to streaming it whenever they prefer (like Snapchat and Instagram but for news?)


(via MacRumors)

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