Apple Will Create An App For User To Migrate from iOS to Android

Apple “Move to iOS” app in Google Play store is a great app for those who want to migrate from Android to the new iPhone or iPad. It helps to smooth the process transferring contacts, photos and messages from an Android device to iOS. But some people in the European Union argue it is not a fair because it only allow one-way route. They claim Apple is creating data lock-in which make it difficult for users to transfer from iOS to other platforms. They want Apple to create an app that allow users to migrate from iOS to other platforms like Android. They also said people reluctant to migrate to another platform because Apple makes things difficult for them to do that. Apple basically agrees to create a basic app to transfer their contacts, music and photos to a new Android device. But do Apple have to worry people will aggressively migrate their iPhone to Android when the app is ready? I don’t think so.


(via Forbes)

Updates: No, Apple will not develop the app

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