Apple TV Users Can Enjoy 360 Degree Video Content

Apple TV users can enjoy 360-degree video contents from Littlstar without a virtual reality headset. The app is available for free and users can navigate and explore all perspectives using their Siri remote. Ben Nunez says 360-degree video have better engages compare to fixed-frame video.

“Now users can physically interact with digital brand content (moving a phone around, using the Siri remote, Google Cardboard, etc.), and get immersed with a brand story like never before,” Nunez says. “It is a mind-blowing experience that helps brands connect with consumers and establish a relationship with them in a more active, engaged way.” – Ben Nunez, CEO of Littlstar

Nunez also says Littlstar will provide APIs and SDKs for content creators including analytics for those who use their services.

Getting a 360-degree video on Apple TV without the needs for users to buy a virtual reality headset will attract more premium content creator and also new Apple TV users. If it goes accordingly as plan, we may experience a new way of watching TV through Apple TV. Littlstar also provides their 360-video app for iPhone and iPad.

Ben Nunez talking about the market of virtual reality

What is 360-video?

(via Fortune)

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