Apple Being Sued For More Than $5 Million

Apple being sued for more than $5 million after consumers on iOS9 reported their iPhone 4s slowing down and less responsive when they upgrade their iOS from iOS8 to iOS9. They claim Apple saying the iOS9 will provide a better experience but fail to warn them for any potential of incompatibilities and responsiveness. The filing claims that Apple already knew iOS9 performed poorly on the iPhone 4s through their internal testing.

When iPhone 4s owners are faced with the dilemma of continuing to use a slow, buggy phone or spend hundreds to buy a new phone, Apple often benefits because consumers will often buy a new iPhone to keep their investment in the App ecosystem,” says the suit.

The lawsuit, which being filed in New York on last Tuesday, accuses Apple deceptive trade practices, false advertising assured the customer that iOS9 would run fine on older handsets and intentionally slowing older iPhone models with the update. With Apple’s ecosystem, those who already upgrade to iOS9 were unable to return back to the previous version. Plaintiffs wrote that iOS9 significantly slowed down their handset and it interfered with the normal usage of the device and they want $5 million in damages.


(via iDownloadBlog)

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