Apple Shows Interest to use BMW i3 Platform

Apple shows interest to use BMW i3 platform for their next car project. They are fascinating with the technology behind BMW carsĀ  especially on the carbon fiber technology implemented for the BMW i3.

bmw i3 front and rear

Apple reportedly have approved a secret project that have hundreds of people working on car related project. They have also hire experts from automotive industry to work with the new project too. It is not sure whether Apple interest is in autonomous driving, electric powered vehicle, Apple CarPlay or all of them. One thing for sure, it is believe Apple also realize Google have already show case their own cars and Apple do not want to loose the opportunity.


Compare to Tesla who have already gain a lot of experience building high end electric cars, it require Apple to do a lot of efforts in order to beat the Model S. With Tesla under Elon Musk management, it would be a hard battle for Apple to win the war since Elon Musk is also a determine and stubborn person.

(via 9to5Mac)


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