Apple Say No For Any Attempts From Shareholders To Micro Manage

Antonio Avian Maldonado II who is a businessman and owns only 645 Apple shares submit a proposal for an “accelerated recruitment policy”. His son noticed the Apple’s directors mostly are white people. Maldonaldo told Bloomberg Apple’s board is a little bit too vanilla and he want to nudge them to move a little bit faster.

Apple, on the other hand, told the Securities and Exchange Commission that it is actively attempting to hire minorities but in the end, it has no power to ensure that its recruits will accept offers. The SEC disagree with Apple and decided to include Maldonado proposal. Apple is making an effort to create a more racially diverse workplace with Asians and blacks and their moves seeing a slight increase in representation.


Apple is not the only company who face the same problem. Other tech company also being pressure to diversify their workforce. Using racial issues may be a stepping stone for some to join big companies with special quota need to be allocated for them. I wonder is it a fair process? And if Apple is not as big and successful as it is now, would they care to question numbers of ethnic entity hired by Apple? One of Apple principal is “Simplicity” but it is easy to make things complex. That is why any attempt from shareholders to micro manage Apple is not a good move because not everyone able to understand and master it.

For me, as long as Apple deliver good products and they do not do any action or comment which influence their judgment based on race or ethnic, it is good enough.

(via AppleInsider)

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