Apple Rumours and Predictions for 2015

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will be ready for sale in 1st quarter 2015. Pricing will start from $349. There will be 3 types to choose Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. The Apple Watch Edition is expect to have highest price tag since it will be made of 18-karat gold. Developers are now work around the clock to develop new apps to utilise the new device from Apple. It will have a 272-by-340-pixel screen for 38 mm size and 312-by-390-pixel screen for 42 mm size.


iPad Pro/ Plus

iPad Pro

Apple are working hard to push their devices into enterprise market. They already got patent for iPen and it is a smart stylus which can read writing on papers and sync it to apple device. Although Steve Jobs against usage of stylus for iPhone, they have submit their patent proposal when Jobs is still alive. The iPad Pro/Plus is said to have a 12 inch screen and may use the smart stylus to work with it in various enterprise environment. In addition, the upcoming iPad Pro/ Plus is said to be thinner than current iPad Air 2. With the introduction of HomeKit Development Framework by Apple, we may see the usage of iPad in smart home implementation.


iPhone 6 mini

iPhone Mini Concept

There are rumours Apple is currently working to replace current iPhone 5s with new iPhone Mini. The 4 inch iPhone Mini is said to be Apple plan to compete with other new smartphone manufacturer like Xiaomi.


Macbook Air with Retina Display


Apple have use retina display screen on their Macbook line up since 2012 but not in Macbook Air. The main reason is retina display consume more power and shorten the battery life. People who bought Macbook Air would expect long battery life without having to bring along their power charger. Apple currently waiting for next generation Intel i5 and i7 which able provide much power with less power usage. Although Core M processor use less power, it unable to perform as what expected from Apple.


All New Apple TV

Apple TV Concept

There are rumours saying Apple will update their Apple TV. Some say Apple may produce their own TV set instead of current set top box. But one things for sure, Wall Street Journal reported Apple and Comcast negotiating to get a less congested network traffic for them that may hint about Apple plan to expand their on demand video or digital TV streaming. The negotiation have never been easy when it involves other cable companies and also content providers which they need to settle about copyrights and royalties. History repeats and the same challenges they faced when Apple want to tap into music industries back in 2001. But Apple proved that they are able to do it and successfully turned back the music industry into a profit business again with introduction of iPod and iTunes.

Whatever their plan, if they decide to continue with set top box product, we hope they redesign it back to make it look better.

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