Apple Preparing To Conquer Middle Range Phone Market With iOS9

Is Apple preparing to conquer middle range phone market with iOS9? iOS9 is said to be the turnkey where iOS team will focus to stabilised the operating system instead of introduce new features. For the past few years, Apple have done several major enhancement. But the enhancement that they made seems to abandon older iPhones and iPads. It cause iOS device users have to buy new phone in order to full utilise and get better experience with all the new features. Some of older iOS devices faced slow performance on their devices when they upgrade it to latest iOS.

iPhone 6

Apple have announced that they new iOS9 will be “big focus on quality”. It is a good move from Apple. Apple product known for its stability and better user experience and they should focus on delivery that kind of product. Instead of competing with other operating systems like the Android and Windows, they will go back to all the enhancement, and start polish it to ensure everything is in the right place before port it into the new iOS9.


Apple also said that the new upgrade will enable older devices like the iPhone 4s and iPad mini will received a better performance compare to current iOS8. With a slower hardware able to run the new iOS9, it open up possibility that Apple might ready conquer middle range phone too with a less expensive iPhone 5C and maybe with iPhone 6C.

With less expensive market penetration, it enable more people to use and get benefit from the stable iOS9 with a wide varieties of apps from the AppStore. If Apple preparing to conquer middle range phone market with iOS9, it is the right time.


(Source: 9to5Mac, TheVerge)


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