Apple Participated In Searching For Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

In latest testimony related to San Bernardino shooting incident, Apple informs that they participated in searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The search began after the Malaysia government officially declared the missing plane in 2014.

Apple General Counsel Bruce Sewell

In the instance that there’s a terrorist that has put the location of a nuclear bomb on the phone, and he dies, how long would take Apple to develop the technology to tell us where that nuclear bomb was, or would Apple not be able to develop that technology to tell us in a short period time

After the announcement was made, Apple starts working with telephone providers to ping and try to a possible location for the missing flight MAS370. It is part their emergency protocol. The emergency protocol can also be activated for missing person case.

Within one hour of that plane being declared missing — we had Apple operators cooperating with telephone providers all over the world, with the airlines and with the FBI to try to find a ping, to try to find some way we could locate where that plane was

(via AppleInsider)

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