Apple Music Is Coming On Sonos Speakers

Apple Music is coming on Sonos speakers after beta test since last December. Using Sonos controller app for iOS devices including Mac, PC and Android phones, a user can stream Apple Music to multiple speakers.

The feedback from Apple Music members on Sonos during the beta period has been great. Sonos plus Apple Music provides an amazing listening experience at home – and we’re excited to offer it to all Sonos customers starting tomorrow. –¬†Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue

With this announcement, Apple Music joins other streaming providers like Spotify, Google Play Music and SoundCloud, which also offer their service on Sonos. The partnership gives an advantage for Apple and Sonos. Apple wants to attract existing Sonos owners to subscribe Apple Music while Sonos want to expand their market for Apple Music subscribers.

sonos 5 speakers

Those who heard Sonos for the first time can watch its capabilities in the following video

(via TechRadar and AppleInsider)

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