Apple Is Making A Huge Mistake If They Ditching Its Real ‘Pro’ Users

Before Apple selling its iPhone, Apple products are common among creative users. They like Apple product because the hardware is reliable and easy to use. It is good when Apple want to empower the creative works for regular people when they start selling the iMac with software like iMovie.


But if Apple tries to simplify their software and hardware which affected the productivity for “Pro” users, they are making a huge mistake. Did you remember Sony Vaio laptop? It is a popular laptop. But due to PC sales declined, Sony discontinued the Vaio.


Non-pro users will switch to another platform for many reasons. But ‘Pro’ users will stick a particular eco system as long as it provides a reliable platform and easy to be used in day to day activities.

The MacBook is suitable for regular users who want to complete simple tasks. On the other hand, the MacBook Air is suitable for in-the-middle users. But why Apple want to treat a ‘Pro’ users with something similar to the lightweight MacBook users?


Apple should provide a machine for the ‘Pro’ users with better specs hardware and software while maintaining its pricing tiers. A 512GB storage should be the entry level for the MacBook Pro users with the price of the previous 128GB model. It should have at least 1 SD card, 1 USB ports, 1 MagSafe and if Apple loves the USB-C so much, they can allocate two ports for it.


What about the Magic Toolbar made from the OLED screen? I don’t see how the ‘Pro’ users will use it in their daily life. Maybe they should try to put it on the 12-inch MacBook. While for the MacBook Air, Apple should provide better hardware specs with Retina display. They should not just leave it to die. Apple may have a good sales figure for now, but they might lose opportunities on the long run since the iPhone might obsolete soon. Apple is not bold they used to be. They too afraid to lose and they might be targeting wrong customer segment. Apple should come out something that has the ‘wow factor like the Surface Studio since they already introduce the iPad Pro.

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One thought on “Apple Is Making A Huge Mistake If They Ditching Its Real ‘Pro’ Users

  • October 29, 2016 at 9:34 pm

    Yea, I don’t agree with you – MBP historically has been very forward thinking with ports. I remember the uproar when FireWire was replaced with thunderbolt – I’ll be honest thunderbolt has been much better to me.

    The touch strip may be gimmicky now, but interestingly it runs iOS so the possibilities will be very interesting.

    The lower specs are really there for folks who want the 15″ screen but don’t need 2tb of storage or 16gb of ram, (and I’ll be honest I ordered the maxed out configuration).

    With the PC market in decline I’d unfortunately expect to see the price keep climbing due to the decreased volume of component purchases by the vendors. Let’s face it for most in “Pro” users the low end PC market has been killed by mobile


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