Apple Is Losing Its Market to Google Chromebooks

Apple is losing its market to Google Chromebooks in the US public schools. According to a report from CNBC, Chromebooks now command more than half of all devices sold to US schools. Apple’s share in US public schools has declined more than half from 52 percent to 24 percent while Microsoft also falls from 43 percent to 24 percent shares. It looks like Google’s plan to win over students slowly to take place. They hope these students will start using these devices at home, college and then at work. It is because Chromebooks is all about collaboration and integration of services offered by Google.


Apple, on the other hand, is also focusing education market but for a different audience. Apple and IBM are developing an app which enable teachers to view real-time data analytics of students. Teachers will use Macbook or iPad Pro to view reports and they will use the same device to complete their other tasks. At the same time, they may buy additional apps from the AppStore and they even buy their own Apple device for their personal use. But Google may have to wait about 10 years to get their return of investment and Apple on the hand may not have to wait that long.

For those who do not know what is Chromebooks, I have included two videos for you to watch:

(via Yahoo)

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