Apple Get $202.0 Billion Cash, Investors Still Not Happy

Public listed company will reports their earning to inform their investors the performance of the company. The draw backs being a public listed company is that people who invested in your company might be someone who just care about short term profits and want to get status of overall performance and either it met some unrealistic forecast or not. But since you have taken their money, you have to work hard selling your reasons and hope they would understand.

Apple is a public listed company and they have to reveal their financial performance too. If not, I believe they would closed their door tightly. They have released their Quarter 3 financial performance report and for me they have done such a great job.

In their latest report from April to June, they got $49.6 billion revenue with $10.7 billion profits. It is slightly less than $49 – $51 billion forecast and it cause Apple stocks to drop more than 8 percent in after-hours trading. With latest performance report, Apple get $202.0 billion in cash but it still does not make their investors happy.


We leave the market sentiment and let us see how Apple have done such a good job.

iPhone Remain Apple’s Cash Cow

iphone 6

Contribution up to 59 percent from total revenue to Apple

Mac Sales Raise Instead of PC’s Sales Drop

apple osx yosemite

Mac line up beats 9 percent prediction with 12 percent growth

China Market is Important for Apple


With 112 percent sales increase in China, Tim Cook saw a huge potential for China. With their move to fulfill their potential customers in China with set of new favorite colors over there (Gold colors are now available for iPod too), it will help Apple to expand their sales next year.

Apple Watch Starts Bringing Money

apple watch

Apple secretly kept how much Apple Watch bring money to them but Cook said Apple Watch sales topped expectations

Services Take a Step Bringing Money to Apple


Contribute about $5 billion in total with 24 percent growth came from the App Store. Apple Music is expect to help Apple gain more revenue from their new streaming music business.

Apple Pay Slowly Change How We Use Credit Cards


Apple is known for their well prepared plan for new product and services. It goes the same with Apple Pay. With growth expanding from time to time and UK is now accepting Apple Pay and support from major banks, Apple Pay may remain as one of the method to pay in retail stores.

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