Apple Find My iPhone Helps Police To Rescue Kidnapped Teenage Girl

An ex-boyfriend kidnaped a young teenager in Pennsylvania. She texts her mother request help. Luckily, the teenage girl enables her Find My iPhone feature, and it allows her mother to track her current location. The mother then informs Pennsylvania Police for help. The teenager and her boyfriend were found in a McDonald’s parking lot than 150 miles away.

The victim’s mother related that she had been receiving text messages from her daughter requesting help. The mother was able to track the victim’s cellphone by utilizing the iCloud [and] Find My iPhone app. The investigation revealed that the suspect had utilized duct tape to bind the victim’s hands, feet and mouth to remove her from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, against her will. The defendant was attempting to leave Pennsylvania with the victim

The police arrest 18 years old teenage boy whose bail has been set at $150,000.


(via CultofMac)

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