Apple Engineers Have Done A Good Job On The New MacBook Pro

When Apple announced the new MacBook Pro, I was frustrated due to the lack of USB ports, MagSafe and they seems to copy a lot of characteristics from the 12-inch MacBook which include the non-backlit Apple logo. Luckily, Apple did not offer the new MacBook Pro with touch screen and will not do it in the future. Instead, they introduced a new Touch Bar (I called it Magic ToolBar :P)

Image source: Jonathan Morrison

I keep thinking. Is it the presentation from Apple is not convincing or the new MacBook Pro is not as good as it used to be? I watch a lot of YouTube videos reviewing the new entry-level  13-inch MacBook Pro. Many people hate it while the rest love it. I just ignore both of their opinions.

Image source: Jonathan Morrison

I pick up my old MacBook made in 2008 and try to use it for the whole day. I soon realized my old MacBook has a lot of ports and CD-Drive. It looks crowded. The next day, I switch to a MacBook Air. I soon realized the only things I used for that day is the MagSafe.

Image source: Jonathan Morrison

I watch all the Touch Bar demo again. It is not convincing because it does not reflect day to day activities except for the Adobe demo. But today, I read an article from Recode “With the Touch Bar, Apple again puts its faith in third-party developers.” I soon realized the technology is still new for app developers. The technology allows developers to do a lot of things. It is not just listing emoji or do things which effectively can be done using the multi-gesture trackpad. Instead,  developers can now allocate a shortcut button on the Touch Bar which can make their users able to complete task effectively other than using of combined key command.

Image source: Jonathan Morrison

The new MacBook Pro has been redesigned to ensure both hardware and software works efficiently. I was surprised when some YouTubers run several benchmark tests, and it performed far than expected. In the read test, the new MacBook Pro amazingly breaks the benchmarking tool when it scores 2,000Mb/s on the read test.

Image source: Jonathan Morrison

Other than that, I think I can get along with the new nonbacklit logo. It is because the shining logo looks great with the matte space gray body color. Apple also has fitted a better screen compared to the 2015 MacBook Pro.

It takes time for me to realize Apple engineers have done a good job on the new MacBook Pro (Thanks to Youtube!). Maybe Apple executives exaggerate too much in each session for all things they presented.  They also should engage people who are going to use it later on instead of just a comparison between old and new model.

On the other hand, with the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar able to be used with Touch ID, does it mean Apple is now capable of creating an iPhone without a physical Home button?






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