Is Apple Becoming ‘Big Brother’ Bullying Tesla?

Is Apple becoming ‘Big Brother’ bullying Tesla? That’s question popup when I first saw news from CNBC and MacRumors. Tesla is not selling their business to Apple due to the fact they seems to have a good shape running the business in their own way. With a diversion of business from automotive and space industries, Tesla is said a new startup company that remind back Apple in early days. IBM once offered Apple to buy their business in the 90’s but Apple refuse to sell it and they want people to have freedom. Free from the IBM.


In the 80’s, IBM sold more computers (double) compare to Apple. Apple does not give a damn to it and continue innovate provide advanced technology personal computers. Compare to IBM, Apple able to reduce the component while maximize its power. They also the first company that developed the first colored CRT screen monitor (that is why early Apple logo have colorful colors), first company provide floppy drive and the also the first company who ditched DVD drive.

elon musk

Now, Tesla is said to be the next “Apple”. With Elon Musk as the co-founder, either they realize it or not, Tesla is said to apply “Apple” formula on different areas with the same goal to provide better product to consumer. They do not copy the exact steps but focusing more on innovation on different perspective and fill gaps. But is Apple is also transforming to become the “IBM” as in the 80’s? (By the way, they have already partnership with IBM)

People have a bad perception about electric cars especially perception on the complexity of the system. Car manufacturer always portray an electric car have a complex system to run and they are unable to get long miles from the battery pack.


Tesla change everything. They even provide features even solved problems in conventional car. Tesla subframe is so simple. They only had a single (robust) electric motor connected to a battery which located the floor. That’s it. Tesla car have a lot of space, reduce weight and provide a better range cars. They also introduce “Battery Swap” which is faster for people to refuel Tesla cars faster than fueling a petrol. Less is more? Yup.


Reported by CNBC, Apple is said to use some of their tons capital hiring talents from Tesla. And of course Tesla also hiring talented people form Apple to work for them too. Business Insider reported, one of Tesla employee who jumping the ship to work with Apple said “Apple’s latest project is too exciting to pass up,” the person said. “I think it will change the landscape and give Tesla a run for its money.”

There are two possibilities; Apple may want to develop their own cars (like Google) or they may want to improve their CarPlay with their partners with a robust technology like self driving cars which utilize their experience in controlling end to end software and hardware development.


If Apple want to develop their own cars like Tesla, I think they should think about it further. With Elon Musk on board, it is hard to see the same “fighter” spirit in Apple after the loss of Steve Jobs.


(Source: CNBC, MacRumor)

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