Apple Already Has A Powerful App To Take Notes Back In 1997

Apple already has a powerful app to take notes for their laptop back in 1997. It is being featured with their Apple eMate 300 Newton TableTop, which only on the market for seven months. The Notes app features powerful handwriting and shape recognition. You can quickly write something on the screen with given stylus. It will correctly translate and put it on the right line.

Powerful Notes App on Newton TableTop - 2
Powerful handwriting recognition

When Steve Jobs came back to Apple, he discontinued the product. If you watch the Steve Jobs movie directed by Danny Boyle, he told Mike Markkula the reason he abandons Newton product is because of the stylus. Although only had a short life, the Apple eMate 300 Newton TableTop design influenced later Apple iBook design. Compare to dark green transparent body color on Newton TableTop, the following iBook model from Apple features a bright and colorful colors which attract new users.

Powerful Notes App on Newton TableTop - 3
Able to draw shapes and edit it

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