Analyst Predicts iPad Air 3 and iPhone 4-Inch Are Coming In The First Half of 2016, Followed By Macbooks and iPhone 7

On Sunday, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts iPad Air 3 is coming in the first half of 2016. The iPad will have a refresh updates after the company introduce a new iPad Pro. The iPad Air 3 might receive minor hardware upgrade. Current iPad Air 2 use A8X chip to power the device and Apple might use the same A9X chip which currently powered the iPad Pro to power the iPad 3.


Other than the iPad Air 3 launch, the analyst also said it is possible Apple will introduce a new iPhone 4-inch to replace current iPhone 5S. With a high demand for iPhone in a new market like India, it clear why Apple is going to introduce a new powerful 4-inch iPhone. They can’t afford a high price cut forever for the new iPhone 6S.


The Macbook series is also expected to receive major upgrades later this year. Many users expect Apple will start using the new Intel Skylake processor. The new Skylake from Intel will offer performance improvement and more power efficiency due to its 14-nanometer architecture. The Macbook 12-inch is also expected to receive refresh updates from the latest generation Intel Core-M, which also offer better performance.

iPhone 7 concept.jpg

Apple iPhone 7 is said to revolutionize iPhone design with a thinner body, and the headphone jack will permanently remove. You can view expected Apple products to be launch this year which based on severals rumors that we have compiled.

(via AppleInsider: iPhone 4-inch and iPad Air 3, AppleInsider: Macbook Skylake)

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