An 8 Years iPhone Users Switches To Android

I have to say to the new Google Pixel looks amazing. Currently, except for Google Now, I use a lot Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Search. With Google Pixel, the same services are accessible.

Compared to Google, although Apple has more than $100 billion in cash, they can’t even provide a larger free cloud storage for their customers. On the other hand, in virtual assistant war, Siri seems to be left behind due to its “laziness”, and it seems to struggle to understand nuances which caused us more time to instruct Siri rather than to do it manually.


The following story shows one of the iPhone users switches to Android after eight years being an iPhone hardcore fans. iPhone is a premium smartphone.

If they stop improving overall users experience and just focusing on pushing new technology on each released (and charged users for everything), they will start losing those loyal users. (I hate when they removed “Slide to unlock” feature from iOS10)

But there is hope. Compared to iOS, Android software development is a hell. iOS ecosystem still one of the best development framework in my opinion which encourages more developers to develop apps for the iPhone. But if more users are starting to use the Google Pixel, developers will find a way to make their life much easier to develop an app for Android.

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