After China, Apple Want To Break India Market

When Apple want something, they really prepare themselves with a great strategy and the same things apply when they want to penetrate certain market region. For example, Apple have produces many Apple device in gold color in order to meet demand from buyer in China and the plan was a success. China is one of Apple’s main customer bringing tones of money for them.


After China, Apple want to break India market and they are very serious about it. They plan to increase sales by 93 percent in India. They have bring new senior executive to take charge solely for Indian market and have advertise policy adviser placement in LinkedIn.

The new Delhi based senior manager will support government and institutional engagement in India. In other words,  that person will help Apple to run business in India smoothly by handling bureaucracy and address key issues in India.

apple india

As expected, it is not easy for Apple to penetrate new business in India but it is opportunity for them for future market and it is something that Apple cannot loose it. With India and China, it will help Apple to boost sales both on devices and services.

(via MacDailyNews, IndiaTimes)

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