A Visit To Apple’s Top-Secret Input Lab

Have you ever wondered why you love using the keyboard and mouse designed by Apple? I always have asked this question to myself. I am using Apple products, not because other people are using it but I need it as part of the tools to complete my daily tasks efficiently. On day to day activities, I notice the mouse clicking and keyboard type on the iMac and Macbook Air sound so great and pleasant. It turns out all of these hidden features is not accidently happen.

Backchannel (via Medium) is so lucky. Steven Levy from the Backchannel has covered a story inside Apple’s Top-Secret Input Lab. As the name stated, Apple’s Input Lab is focusing on their input devices. The Input Lab is not testing products which only ready to be delivered to the customer but they also fine tuned each future product to perfection.

Apple Input Lab Sensor Test Muscle

To ensure accuracy in testing their devices, Apple may get people to come and test their products. The Apple’s Input Lab will test subjects by wires them up with sensors. These sensors will measure how subjects use it and how their body and mind react while using it.

We do internal user studies, using a wide cross section of people – Kate Bergeron, VP for Ecosystem Products and Technologies

Apple Input Lab Punching Keyboard

Other than that, to test their keyboard reliability, they have a machine which will punch a keyboard for more than 5 million times. They will test at all four corners and also at the center of the keyboard. On the other hand, their Magic Mouse also have been tested on different surfaces. It is because different users have a different desk surface and they want to ensure the experience is maintained.

Apple Input Lab Acoustic Room

Apple’s Input Lab also have their own acoustics room. Acoustics room is the place where every single input device will be tested. From the test result, the device will be tuned to ensure it produces the right sound.

To get the right touch, you need the right sound – John Ternus, VP for Mac

So, now all my questioned have been answered with this exclusive visit by Backchannel. Apple team have done such a great job ensuring it feels and sound great while typing the keyboard and clicking the Magic Mouse.

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