A Personalize Magazine With The Latest Redesign Flipboard App

Flipboard is one of the best platforms for me to read and share the news. It arrived when Apple launch the iPad and it is the best app for us who used to paper-based magazines. It looks beautiful and easy to use too. In the latest version 4.0, they have redesigned the app and it looks better than before.

New Flipboard - 00002

In one of the latest report, they struggling to make their business profitable with remaining funds. I have to say I am quite disappointed with Flipboard when they acquired Zite and close it down. Zite is another source for me to get news since their algorithm has different results compared to Flipboard. Luckily, there is Medium which provides an amazing information. I just hope Flipboard is not getting their hands on Medium and close it down too.

(via FastCompany, AppAdvice)


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