A Man Being Charged For £4K On In-App Purchase On AppStore

A man being charged for £4k on an in-app purchase on AppStore. Mohamed Shugaa said the purchase was made by his seven years old kid on a Jurassic World themed game.

In-app purchase

In the whole scenario, how can Apple not pick up on how many transactions have been made by my boy? Why wasn’t it flagged up? It must look like there’s a glitch in the system because there’s no way in the world that much could be spent in one day – Mohamed Shugaa

In-app purchase on iOS usually require a password for each purchasing process or unless the user set it to automatically authenticate based on last success transaction. Some banks also notify each successful transaction through SMS. There is no comment from Apple but it is said Apple will refund the money to Mohamed in ten days. For others, it is better to be careful when downloading apps or games which contain in-app purchase especially when it is going to be used by small kids. Not everyone is lucky enough to get a refund back.

(via TheInquirer)

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