Limited Edition Apple iMac Retro Inspired By Apple IIe

ColorWare offering limited edition Apple 27-inch iMac Retro inspired by Apple IIe computer. This iMac Retro comes with a 5k display, Retro Wireless Keyboard, and Retro Magic Mouse. Compare to standard iMac, the iMac Retro has a nice vanilla color with painted air vents on its back. We love the colorful Apple logo on the front and on the back, but the Retro Magic Mouse and Retro Wireless Keyboard loose this old school Apple logo. Instead, ColorWare painted their own “Retro” logo on both items.

Retro iMac

The iMac Retro by ColorWare is meant for hardcore Apple enthusiasts who has a deep pocket because the price starts at $3,799.00 and can go up to $5,599.00 for the high-end model. ColorWare also offers their Retro Keyboard and Retro Magic Mouse separate from the iMac Retro for $399.00. ColorWare said they would only build 25 units limited edition Apple 27-inch iMac Retro and 100 units Retro Keyboard and Retro Magic Mouse

Apple 27-inch iMac Retro - 1 Apple 27-inch iMac Retro - 7 Apple 27-inch iMac Retro - 3 Apple 27-inch iMac Retro - 2

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