5 Things That We Hope from Future iPhone 7

Although the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus made a huge sales and contribute a lot of money to Apple in 2014, don’t forget Samsung have experienced a huge sales too before it began to decline. I am not Apple fanatic fans but I am Apple consumers since Steve Jobs still in charged. I used Apple product because it just work for me (and of course influenced by the magical presentation by Jobs). I need to complete my task and it served me well.


First of all, previously under Steve Jobs, they are not influenced and motivated to break market share. They just want to build the best product for themselves and sell it to people who want to use it too. They proud for what they have. For example, if there are potential customers who want and iPhone but want to customize it like in Android, Apple will not entertain those type of people.

Under Tim Cook, of course we won’t expect the same leadership. It is not fair for him. He has his own talent to lead the company. But from time to time, it seems they loose focus the basis being an Apple.

On another hand, those who bought an Apple can be divided into 2 camps:-

  1. Those who bought Apple because they really rely on that product.
  2. Those who bought Apple product because it is popular and they just follow trends.  If you bought a Macbook Pro just to serve the internet, maybe you are in this group of people.

If Apple hear demand from people in camp #2 and ignoring feedback from people in camp #1, they are making huge mistakes since people in camp #2 may switch from one brand to another brand.

When I first saw iPhone 6  and iPhone 6 Plus during Apple Keynote, I felt frustrated. It just look as identical as a clone phone with its ugly band and bulge camera on its back. It just sucks. I just hope Tim Cook, Johny Ive and their team will be more particular and realistic on next iPhone released.

These are 5 things that we hope from future iPhone 7.


future iPhone 6 Concept curve
iPhone 6 Concept


Not An Ugly iPhone

With a high price tag, maybe I set my expectation higher than it should. I just hope new iPhone will be better than previous model with high quality and distinctive design. For iPhone 6, even an HTC One phone looks much better than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. There are plenty of concept iPhones and most of them a lot better than the iPhone 6; iPhone 6 in gold looks terrible. It looks like a cheap plastic phone with white cellular band. Other than that, please make sure it is flat without bulge camera and ugly band.


With iPhone 5s, I can use it without any casing or screen protector. Regarding bigger screen for iPhone, I do not have any problem. I love all of them although it is a headache for me to update all my games in iOS. Watch the following video demonstrate a clone iPhone that exactly the same as the original items although at that moment it is not yet released.


Quality camera but with bulge


iPhone Camera

Find a way to remove the bulge and when on accessibility mode, please hide accessibility virtual button while taking pictures.


iphone storage full

Bigger Storage 

Remove 16GB from line up and return back the 32GB with the price of 16GB.



iOS update

More stable iOS

Please give more time for developers and industrial designers to do their job with realistic tasks and timeline. I don’t want to update iOS once a week. It just felt my phone running on Windows.


icloud concept

iCloud storage

I have more than one Apple product but they are so stingy that I only entitled for 5GB. Apple taken a lot of storage space for iOS8. Is it so expensive for Apple to give free reasonable storage for us to stream our photos and document among Apple devices? We bought more than one Apple product. They just don’t understand what customers really want. Instead, they asked money to upgrade the storage capacity.

In summary, find other people faults are easy. But the reason why I write this post is to suggest that maybe they should put their energy on the right things. They have spent days and nights even on weekend at the office. Sure they feel heartbreak reading others condemning their effort but it is the way we could justify our action.

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