30 Years Old Commodore Amiga Computer Still On Duty

30 years old Commodore Amiga still on duty running the AC and control heat in 19 schools. Back in 1980s, the Grand Rapids Public School took initiative to replace its big and bulky computer with Commodore Amiga to control heat and air conditioning at 19 schools.


But how this computer connect to all the buildings? Geek.com reported that it use an usual 1200-bit model and a wireless radio signal. When theĀ  Commodore Amiga received its reading, it will either spin up fans, activate AC or toggle the boilers.

Maintaining an old computer running a critical system is not easy. The spare parts is not available anymore on local stores. They have to find mouse, monitor, keyboard and all other stuffs on eBay.

The system developed on the Commodore Amiga was developed by a student back in the 80’s. The developer is the only person who knows how to fix if any problem happen and he live nearby the area.

They plan to replace it with a better and modern system which will cost about $1.5 to $2 million. It depends whether the proposal will got enough vote to proceed.

(Source Geek via Gizmodo)

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