225,000 Apple iCloud Were Stolen and How You Can Avoid?

It is estimated more than 225,00 Apple iCloud account affected from this new malware named KeyRaider. The malware have stolen over 225,000 Apple account through jailbroken iOS devices. The attackers launched their attacks through direct download apps from third party stores. When users have downloaded the infected apps, the attacker will either stole your personal data silently or hold your iPhone for a ransom.


For your information, only jailbroken iOS devices able to download from other than the Apple AppStore. Those who are not jailbreak their iOS devices are safe from these attacks. Those who want to check either their account have been compromised can visit weiptech.org. Another way to avoid it is to enable 2-step authentication for your Apple iCloud.

(via Engadget and Redmond Pie)

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