2015 Apple 12-Inch MacBook Retina Display Unboxing, Overview, Benchmarks Video

Dom Esposito have able to get the new 2015 Macbook space grey and we will have a look the real world performance of the new product lineup from Apple. There are lot of controversy for the 2015 Macbook like the one port for all your external device and charging, the removing of glowing Apple logo and slower CPU.

2015 Macbook Slim

In summary, although it run on a new slower Intel Core M processor, it is quite impressive it able to run smooth for routine tasks and able to powered the retina display without any performance issues. It may not suitable for hardcore users but the same reaction happen when the first Macbook Air came out.

2015 Macbook Unboxing

If you are just a regular users who want to browse internet in coffee shop or in a long trip but need to write articles or to complete some reports, the new 2015 Macbook is the only portable laptop that you need. Since it use less power to operate, you could use your current power bank to charge this Macbook too.

… And there are also unboxing video for the gold color 2015 Macbook by ThePapiGfunk

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