Nvidia Blames Apple OSX for Latest Memory Glitch

An engineering student was in shocked after a porn suddenly splashes on his screen. Evan Andersen, an engineering student at the University of Toronto, was the first triggered off this problem. He said when he launched a Diablo III, the splashed screen displayed pornographic content that he watched earlier on Google Chrome.

Macbook Pro In The Dark

Currently, only he the only Mac user experience the glitch. He pointed fingers at Nvidia’s GPU drivers the culprit but Nvidia denies it by saying it is the Apple Mac OSX which cause the problem.

This issue is related to memory management in the Apple OS, not NVIDIA graphics drivers,” said a spokesperson for Nvidia.

Nvidia also added the same thing does not happen in Windows operating system as the operating system will clear the memory before being allocated to a different location.


Anderson asked both Google and Nvidia to fix the issue but both companies seem to ignore his request. There is no comment from Apple too. Memory in a computer is a like a hotel room. Each memory location will temporarily store data for an application to run. It needs to be clean up properly before being use as a reference by other application. We should worry about this glitch because if hackers find a way to tap into the memory location, they able to retrieve data which include personal information like username and password.

On Apple side, it is maybe one of the reasons they are developing their own GPU. When this kind of thing happened, all parties will point finger to each others and it will not solve any problems.

(via TechTimes)

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