$20 Google Cardboard Helps A Blind Women To See Her Family After Eight Years

In most website including mine, we are talking about Apple vs. The FBI and suddenly Trump popup like a YouTube advertisement and try to get the attention. So, I read on the non-Apple related news, and I found this story in 9to5Google. It is a worth reading and I would like share with you guys. It is a video showing a woman wearing a $20 Google cardboard. The Google Cardboard helps her, who suffers from Stargardt disease, to see her family again. The last time she saw them is eight years ago before she lost her sight. Instead of buying an expensive virtual reality device, her family tried to put their smartphone and a $20 Google cardboard. They use a free app from the PlayStore called Near Sighted VR Augmented Aid which delivers live videos from the rear camera. It is a magical moment.

Google Cardboard Helps A Blind Women To See - 1

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