11 Useful Tricks and Tips For The 4th Generation Apple TV

These are 11 useful tricks and tips video for the 4th generation Apple TV. Among all of them, here are my favorite tips and tricks on the new Apple TV.


Old Remote

Old remote can still be used  to navigate on the new Apple TV and off course Siri functionalities is not available but it still works

Bluetooth Speaker

You can easily pair Bluetooth speaker

Reduce Loud Noises

Apple TV now allows users to reduce loud noise with built-in function

App Switcher

Double click Home button to switch between apps same as in iOS

Scrub Preview

Scrub the remote pad to fast forward navigate through your movie

Turn on subtitle text with “What did he say?”

If you did not get it what casts in a movie is saying, you can turn on “What did he say?” features by voice command

Aerial Screensaver

Get updated nice Aerial screensaver

Larger Text

You can change it under accessibility option for a bigger text

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